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Voter Lists

Registered voter lists are available in two formats: CSV (comma-delimited values text) and PDF (portable document format).

CSV files may be opened with any spreadsheet or database application, or may be viewed with any text editor as raw text. Note: Versions of MS Excel released before 2007 are restricted to 65,536 rows per worksheet.

PDF precinct voter lists may be opened with any PDF reader application such as Adobe Reader. The PDF formatted reports available here are provided on a precinct-by-precinct basis, and are formatted to print on letter-sized paper using a landscape orientation. Contact the Board of Elections at (513) 632-7000 if a large number of precinct lists is needed. A link to the download site for Adobe Reader is given below.


Click here to view a legend of codes used in the Voting History portion of the PDF precinct voter list.


Note: This page will be updated daily Mon - Fri at 9:00 am. 


 Voter history from county-wide elections is displayed.  For voter history in smaller elections, please contact the Board of Elections


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